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Protecting Canadians From The Cost Of An Audit

Even Accurate Tax Returns Get Audited

Get The Defence Strategy Recommended By Professionals

Protect Yourself and Your Business with
Tax Investigation Insuranc

Want $50,000 to Fight The Taxman?
We'll Pay Up So You Can Defend Yourself
In A Tax Audit, Tax Review Or Tax Appeal

Tax Investigation Insurance is the fastest, easiest way Canadian taxpayers can protect themselves from a tax audit.

Smart taxpayers know that  it doesn't matter how GOOD your tax returns are (filed by an accountant or not). The CRA doesn't need an reason to look into your books. 

Tax Investigation Insurance pays your accountant to:

  • ‚ÄčWork on your behalf to defend your tax return and prove its accuracy
  • Prepare and review all correspondance with the auditor
  • Minimize the impact of the audit on your finances

The CRA can look around 'til their heart's content. Your accountant can send them what they need, answer all their questions and defend your honour - and YOU don't have to pay their fees. We take care of that.

5 Reasons to Get Tax Investigation Insurance

Almost one in ten small business owners are investigated in any given year. If you haven't heard from the CRA yet, you might soon.
Tax Investigation Insurance covers your entire tax history. Buy it this year and all of your previous tax returns are covered.





Our CEO had a run in with the CRA himself. Through no fault of his own, or his accountant, the CRA audited his business and handed him (personally) a bill for $200,000. Ouch.

Knowing he was right, he fought the CRA, and fought them HARD.

It took 2 years and $60,000 of his own money (to pay accountants and lawyers) but he finally cleared his name and his reputation. 

About Us (PFP Inc.)

Enough is enough. We've seen the CRA pushing around small companies and their owners for too long.

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Richard was lucky. He was able to pay for the best accountant and legal team. Without them, he would have had to pay CRA's penalty and carry around a black mark on his name where ever he went. 

Not satisfied with knowing this could happen to anyone, any time, he set about looking for a solution. 

The solution is Tax Investigation Insurance.

More About Tax Investigation Insurance

What Is Tax Investigation Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Get answers in just 1 minutes and 35 seconds

Hint: It offsets costs if the CRA re-assesses your taxes or audits you or your business. 

Another hint: In a tax investigation (minor audit to full review) you are guilty until proven innocent.

Make Sure You're Covered BEFORE an Investigation is Inititiated

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It covers any tax review by the CRA - from a minor review to a full-blown audit. 
You can use any accountant you want to defend the investigation. That includes hiring tax specialists if it will help you win!
The CRA uses computer based analysis to pick targets - that includes monitoring social media, and comparing your returns with your peers. Their selection processes are completely out of your control.


Once you have your notice of assessment, you're in the clear.

Don't Wait. 

If your get a letter of investigation before you sign up you'll pay for your defence out of your own pocket.


The CRA can start an audit of any tax year at any time, even after you have your notice of assessment. 

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