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Insurance provided by PFP Inc. in partnership with Restaurants Canada

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Lower your tax risk even if your accountant is the best in the business

Protect yourself from the legal issues Restauranteurs face most

Get Unlimited Legal Advice

Protect Your Restaurant from Tax and Legal Issues

Plus Get Unlimited Legal Advice


Program for Restaurants Canada Members:

Is This Your Restaurant's Biggest Weakness?

Together with Restaurants Canada, we've identified a problem facing all restaurant owners in Canada.

If the CRA selects you for an audit, it can cost you thousands of dollars in legal and accounting fees. 

The CRA is Coming Down Hard on the Restaurant Industry...

What we're seeing is out-of-the-box thinking by CRA that is very clever.

If you get into a dispute the cost can amount to thousands of dollars. PROTECT your business now

This Exclusive Program Cuts Your Risk

This Restaurants Canada program could not have come at a more opportune time. With our Tax and Legal protection, your defence against tax audits and legal issues is covered:

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We offer a simple, comprehensive program that offers coverage for the owners, the business AND your employees.  

Nothing wrong with having access to unlimited legal advice...it's like having a lawyer on retainer.

Proactively protect your interests from unexpected issues. 

Get the information you need to make an informed decision

Start by getting an instant quote and find out how affordable peace of mind can be.

Is your Restaurant at Risk?

This isn't a matter of "I do everything by the book so I'm safe"

Don't wait until tax season, a payroll audit, employment dispute to protect yourself and your business. 

Be proactive...proper insurance is smart business risk management.

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